From the Serengeti to Tuscany, we have located the most special hotels room. Copy their ideas and transform your bedroom into a real hotel suite.


Hotel Monteverdi, Tuscany (Italy) The Sant’Andrea Suite #9 of this recovered village and converted into an ultra-luxury hotel gathers -in superlative- all the details that a rural environment must possess: old oak floors. Ceilings with wooden beams, and a wood-burning fireplace. The warm tones of travertine. Note: linen curtains, burlap cushions, and wooden logs are placed as small tables in the reading area.

Vidago Palace (Portugal)

Special hotels and suites

In Portugal, they have never been afraid to take risks with color in their coatings and walls. This luxury hotel was not going to be less. Perhaps the garish wallpaper with plant motifs in the corridors is too much. But you can opt for green and petrol-blue tones in its rooms and bathrooms. The bedside tables are simple, not the rugs.

Faru Faru Lodge, Singita Grumeti, Tanzania

This hotel is next to the Serengeti National Park. You go to observe the Great African Migration. However, its attractive decoration makes guests also gawk at the walls. Use natural stone or wood to cover your, pictures with illustrations of animals. A (fake) hunting trophy, and a lot of natural fiber.

Les Hamaques, Girona

The tuff on the flooring of the Buganville room at this hotel in the Empordà has not been inconvenient when it comes to creating a relaxed and up-to-date atmosphere. The gray walls and shutters are the same color as the bedding. Provide the necessary serenity in a place designed for relaxation. It will not be difficult for you to copy the recycled wood desk or the vegetable fiber rug.

Hotel De Crillon, Paris (France)

The most anticipated reopening of the year is that of what is considered the most luxurious hotel in the City of Light. Has not disappointed with its interior design. The frescoes, the gilding, and the marble were restored by the best craftsmen in France. And top-level designers –such as Karl Lagerfeld– collaborated in its decoration.

Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo, Sicily (Italy)

We know that you cannot copy the views of Mount Etna and the Greek theater from the rooms and suites of this hotel. But you can be inspired by its marked Sicilian style: elegant fabrics that dress armchairs, armchairs and curtains, large pieces of furniture that look like small works of art carved in wood and the aroma of local flowers that are never lacking in the vases and balconies. The crown-style canopy is suitable for professionals only.

Boheme Mykonos (Greece)

Headboards that sink in microcement. Books stacked as a table. Industrial and natural fiber lamps dyed black. These small, but not insignificant, decorative details are the ones that accompany –and complete– the pristine white of its walls.

More and more hotels are opting for interior designs that make their guests feel at home. From petrol-blue painted walls to animal artwork everywhere. We suggest 7 hotels room or suites that don’t miss out.

In Mykonos, we have learned that sophistication is not at odds with whitewashing. In Italy, elegance, and rurality go hand in hand and in France, we have surrendered to the authenticity of craftsmen and designers. Girona boasts of lifestyle. We have traveled to the wildest Africa surrounded by comfort. And Portugal, oh Portugal! and its colors.

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