Can you enjoy summer from your window? This gallery of summer bedrooms with spectacular views is an invitation to do so.

Are you looking for inspiration to give your bedroom a new look this summer? You’re lucky! We review the most summery bedrooms with sea views to serve as inspiration for the new restyling of your stay. Prepare your bedroom and better cope with the hot summer nights with these ideas that we show you. You will love them!

Curtains To The Ceiling

Summer bedrooms with spectacular views

With the change of season, you always want to give a new look to the decoration. But there is a change that will make summer sneak into the house instantly: the curtains. And if you also place them up to the ceiling, they will multiply the light and refresh your house instantly, as in this image.

With Green Touches

If there is something that we like, it is to fill our bedroom with green touches, either with the textiles that dress the room or through the use of indoor or outdoor plants as a complement to the decoration. In this romantic bedroom with sea views by the interior designer Beatriz Lario, the wood on the floor and the different decorative elements combined with the light textiles create the perfect harmony in this space.

Large Windows With Blinds

Decorating the bedroom with linen textiles as in the cushions or the bedspread in the image, to put it in summer mode is not only an aesthetic issue, but it is also perfect with the arrival of warm days because it is warm, but not too much. In addition, the entry of natural light through the large windows with white blinds adds freshness and warmth to the room.

Tropical Print Cushions

If you want to give your bedroom an original and cheerful touch, you can always choose to combine white-based textiles with decorative cushions with tropical prints that will become the perfect accessory to give your home fresh air.

Summer Quilts With Marine Touches

There is nothing that reminds us more of summer than the white and blue sailor stripes. And, if you can also add this little touch to the textiles of your bed, as in the bedspread in the image, without meaning to, you will be adding a touch of freshness to your room.

Flirty And Fresh

This bedroom looks as cute as it is fresh thanks to the pastel pink tones of its textiles that combine perfectly with the rest of the decorative elements in the room. The great views of the sea, through the windows with long white curtains with the green touch of indoor plants and the natural fiber ceiling lamp, help to add freshness to this room.

Sailor Airs

If there is a place in the world where a canopy bed in white tones and with blue details fits, that is Mallorca.

With Personality

The expert interior designers at Azultierra have added a bench from China and an antique mirror to this Alicante bedroom that combines perfectly with the light tones of the space.

Beachy Perfection

We present to you the triumvirate of color success in a summer house: blue, beige, and wood.

All to Linen

Oh! What would our beach houses be without those natural linens that comfort us so much during the holidays?


A very colonial air is given by the wooden doors with latticework to this bedroom with views. Outside, the palm tree does the rest.

Without Importance

This bedroom draws attention for its views, but without great fanfare or decorative fireworks, it manages to captivate us with its beauty and calm.

More Than Sweet

A lot of the class has this elegant master bedroom located in Marbella. The trick? use the same upholstery on the headboard and the stool.

Secret Corner

No, it is not that you want to turn your back on the Bay of Biscay from this armchair located at the foot of the bed, it is that this way you can make the most of the light that enters through the windows of this house located on the beach of the Shell.

Andalusian Viewpoint

If, as in this house in Malaga, you have a large window in the main bedroom, order a custom-made wooden bench and you will be able to create an improvised viewpoint that will be the envy of all.

Made in Catalonia

The rugged and wild terrain of Girona is inimitable, which is why you have to bet on the earth tones that are on the other side of the large windows. The combination of ochre, sand, and brown tones make this room a warm place that you will never want to leave.

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