Miami is a traveler’s paradise: a warm and vibrant city, with incredible beaches, fantastic nightlife, and unique architecture. A gastronomic scene perfect for gourmets. However, it is a very large city (it is actually a conurbation of cities) so making a good decision. On where to stay in Miami can be key to determining a better travel experience.

If this is your first trip to Miami and you want to enjoy the beach and the authentic atmosphere of Miami Beach. The best area to stay in is South Beach. On the contrary, if you want to experience the most urban part of Miami. Brickell is the right choice. Little Havana is an interesting and booming neighborhood. And it also offers cheaper prices. However, there are many more areas to stay in. In the following list, you will find the best areas to stay in Miami. Explained in detail, withtips, and recommendations updated on accommodation:

South Beach: Perfect For Tourism And Beach

It occupies the southern part of Miami Beach and is the most famous and lively neighborhood in Miami. This is, without a doubt, the best area to stay in in Miami. If you are traveling for the first time and also want to live the authentic Miami experience: nightlife. Long stretches of beach, hotels with swimming pools. Bright streets with neon signs, shops, and malls. commercials. And of course, the bodies are sculpted by exercise and tanning. Isn’t that what you imagine when you think of Miami?

South Beach is a very interesting area from an ahistorical point of view: here is the Miami Beach Architectural District. Also known as the Art Deco District, which contains one of the largest concentrations of buildings with art nouveau, art deco, and architecture styles in Miami. Vanguard.

Here are some of the most famous beaches in Miami. As you can imagine, South Beach is the most touristic area of ​​​​the city. However, it has diversified quite a bit. These days, locals no longer avoid it, so tourists aren’t the only ones enjoying South Beach. Additionally, discos and clubs have become plentiful. Providing Miami’s best nightlife, and are no longer as elitist as they were 10 years ago.

Mid Beach: Beach And Luxury

Mid Beach sits just above South Beach and occupies the central part of Miami Beach (it formally begins across the commercial street from Lincoln Road). Mid Beach is the luxury stretch, home to some of Miami’s most famous hotels and boasting a growing list of upscale restaurants and beach clubs. If you stay in Miami the Mid Beach area you can also enjoy the beach. It is a less crowded part than South Beach and definitely quieter.

If you have enough money, staying at one of the iconic hotels is a great option (Hotel Fontainebleau, Eden Rock, and Hotel Ocean Spray are the most famous). The Mid Beach area is equally well connected to the city. There are a large number of restaurants and services, swimming pools, and even a nightclub. It is a perfect place to stay in Miami if you want to be on the beach. But in a quieter and more relaxed area than South Beach. Check here for accommodation available in Mid Beach.

Brickell: Urban And Modern Area

Brickell occupies the southern part of Downtown Miami, which is why it is located to the left of Miami Beach. In the part of the city that does not have a beach.

It is a financial district, so it is home to a wide variety of institutions and companies spread over the skyscrapers. For this reason, many travel guides overlook this area. However, you should know that it is one of the coolest areas in Miami. Dubbed the Manhattan of Miami, Brickell has a hip, young professional vibe. Almost everything in the neighborhood is brand new. And it’s a great place to catch a glimpse of Miami’s vibrant future. It’s not just about skyscrapers and office buildings: there are independent boutiques here. The trendiest bars(have a drink on a rooftop!), stylish bistros, and restaurants offer flavors and cuisines from around the world.

Laughton Island, commonly known as Brickell Island, is a small islet linked to the neighborhood via a footbridge and is known for the famous Mandarin Oriental Hotel. However, the most popular attraction is Mary Brickell Village. An area that brings together karaoke bars, haute cuisine restaurants, unique boutiques, and amazing entertainment.

Downtown: Lodging In The Center

As in most large American cities, the center of the city (known as Downtown) is its business, commercial and cultural center.

Both Brickell and Downtown are part of the financial district, but there is quite a difference between the two areas that are separated by the river. The Downtown area is very busy during the day (especially on weekdays) as it is packed with skyscrapers, businesses, banks, shops, and boutiques. However, when night falls and work days end, its streets are quite lonely except for the area around NE 11th Street. Internationally renowned nightclubs are concentrated there: Club Space, BLUME nightclub, and E11EVEN. if you plan to return to your hotel late, perhaps you should opt for lodging in Brickell.

Downtown has a very good connection with Miami Beach (for the days you want to go to the beach). It even has its own model of transportation: The Metromover. It is a system of automatically elevated trains that circulate through the center and stop at the main points of the neighborhood. It also connects to the city’s MetroRail system.

Coconut Grove: Good Deal On Leisure

Coconut Grove sits along the stunning shoreline of Biscayne Bay and is the oldest continuously inhabited neighborhood in Miami. For this reason, there are many historic buildings here: the Women’s Club (1921). The Art Deco Dinner Key building (1917), and the famous Villa Vizcaya. A Mediterranean-style mansion built in 1916 is highly recommended to visit. The Coconut Grove area, “The Grove” for short, occupies one of the greenest spaces in Miami. And is filled with parks, tree-lined plazas, and subtropical plants. The most famous of all is The Kampong, a huge botanical garden (you have to make a reservation to visit it). The neighborhood also features the “CocoWalk”, a huge multi-level shopping and entertainment complex with shops, restaurants, and plenty of nightlife.

It is a popular area with locals and recently, also with some tourists. Speaking clearly: Coconut Grove is a fashionable neighborhood, with a hipster style and is always lively: with festivals, terraces, open-air concerts, museums, exhibitions, and a thousand and one events that give it a great cultural dynamism.

Design District: Luxury Shops

The Design District is a small, compact neighborhood located in the northern part of Downtown Miami. This is where the creative geniuses of the city are concentrated: art galleries, elegant furniture stores, restaurants, and luxury boutiques can be found scattered through the streets of the district. De la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space. One of the many galleries that you can visit (exhibits the personal creations of Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz in an extension of their personal residence).

As its name suggests, it is a neighborhood dedicated to innovative fashion, design, architecture, and gastronomic experiences. Therefore, it is a luxurious area where high-end shopping (Hermès, Yohji Yamamoto, Louboutin, and Louis Vuitton) is the most common pastime. Being the hub of all that’s hot, the Design District is the perfect place to stay in Miami if you love shopping (and can afford it).

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