In these difficult times, due to the problem that the world is experiencing with the pandemic, hygiene is essential so as not to put health at risk. Although these are very difficult times for most companies, constant cleaning is what can be done during this situation to continue improving, especially in the hotel sector. Today we share tips so that cleanliness in a hotel is not in doubt.

Planned Cleaning Routine

Best cleaning tips

For hotel room cleaning to be quick, one of the best ways to do it is by having a routine, following the same cleaning steps; do the work in stages that are always the same.


Correct ventilation will be key for the work to be effective. Through ventilation, odors are eliminated and fresh air is allowed to enter. In addition, through the windows, natural light is allowed to enter and thus there is more lighting and the cleanliness of the spaces can be verified.

Cleaning Of All Furniture

The focus will always be on soft furnishings, as they are the ones that accumulate a lot of dust, almost invisible that ruins the fabrics over time and continues to spread throughout the room if it is not cleaned frequently. You can start with the bedside tables, if it is made of a material such as wood or iron, the suggestion is to opt for specific cleaning products for these surfaces. Another option is dust removers for furniture.

Protect The Bed

As you can well imagine, the most important part of a room is the bed. To take good care of the bed and that it is always in perfect condition, you can use protectors. In this way, the pillows and mattress are prevented from staining, and they are also prevented from being filled with allergens and have greater durability.

To clean the bed, the first thing is to remove the sheets and pillowcases. Then the sheets will be changed and the mattress will be moved by turning it over. The next thing is to place the bedding (sheets, duvets, and pillowcases). It must be the size of the bed, neither bigger nor smaller. The pillows must be well stretched and molded.

Cleaning Products

Although we use cleaning products, they should never be mixed. Some chemicals in cleaning products can create toxic fumes when combined. One idea is to use different colored cloths to clean: red for windows, blue for wooden furniture, and green for electronics.

Among the necessary products are disinfectants for the bathroom, glass cleaner for glass and vitrified surfaces, multipurpose and dust remover for furniture, and floor scrubbing for surfaces.

Cleaning Devices

Try to clean the filter and the bag of devices such as the vacuum cleaner. You also have to check that the polisher is not clogged and clean the clothes iron from time to time. Similarly, cleaning carts make cleaning hotel rooms much easier.

Deep and conscious cleaning of the rooms, as well as of any corridor and area of ​​​​the hotel, is the best thing that can be done to avoid aggravating the situation and thus take care of all the guests and society to get out of this problem together. At Momalia we want to be the ideal guide for any hotel project to be successful.

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