In the world, there are unthinkable structures, hotels with super chic furniture, both modern and antique, suites with real hydro-massage pools overlooking the breathtaking skyline, comfort, and services of the highest level; we are talking about the most luxurious hotels in the world.

Most Luxurious Hotels in the World

Drawing up a ranking of the most luxurious hotels globally is not easy as there is an infinity of dream structures. In this guide, we have decided to use evaluation methods that also and above all concern the hotel’s particularity and the context in which it is located because even the “view wants its part”.

Hotel Ritz – Paris (10)

Located at 15 Place Vendome in Paris, the Ritz Hotel is the undisputed symbol of the wealth and luxury of one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. It is the place where some scenes of the famous movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s “.

Fashion, art, and history, the walls of this hotel have a lot to tell, and just close your eyes and listen to find yourself taking a dip in the past, perhaps dreaming of a Midnight in Paris experience.

Burj Al Arab – Dubai (9)

The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is, just think, a 7-star hotel and a single night can cost $ 14,000.

This superb hotel, La Vela in Italian, was built on a private island. The suites directly overlook the beautiful Arabian Gulf, have 2 panoramic swimming pools, a Spa, 9 restaurants, underwater, and the characteristic Sky View Bar where you drink a tea or a cocktail while admiring views that are unique in the world.

Relaxing in your room is also a pleasure as all are equipped with iPads, 21-inch iMacs, and interactive HD widescreen TVs.

Emirates Palace – Abu Dhabi (8)

Overlooking a private natural bay, the Emirates Palace features surprising furnishings in gold, silver, and glass mosaic that will make you immediately understand the structure’s luxury and hospitality.

The most modern technologies characterize this wonderful hotel. It has 14 restaurants of which the Pavillion offers typical Middle Eastern and world dishes. The rooms are presented with huge marble bathrooms and the finest linens.

Aman Canal Grande – Venice (7)

The time has come to return to Italy to present the Hotel Aman Canale Grande hidden in the waters of the most famous lagoon in the world.

This 7-star hotel was housed in an ancient 16th-century palace and is considered a real floating work of art. All the rooms are embellished with original 16th-century frescoes by the great Venetian painter Giambattista Tiepolo. It will be a stay between classic and modern only for connoisseurs.

Mandarin Oriental – New York (6)

Have you ever wanted to live at least one day as you were the president of the United States? The 7-star Mandarin Oriental will fulfil all your wishes, especially thanks to the presidential suite whose price per night is around $ 15,000. Eat or wake up facing scenarios like those of Central Park or Manhattan. Trust me. It’s priceless.

The Brando – Polynesia (5)

The Brando is an ultra-luxury resort located on the private island of Tetiaroa, is part of the atolls of French Polynesia, and offers a unique stay between comfort and nature.

Here you can live unforgettable experiences. You will unplug in the true sense of the word. The services you will have at your disposal are truly incredible, as well as the clear waters of one of the most popular destinations in the world, Polynesia.

Raffles Hotel – Singapore (4)

Raffles Hotel is the perfect place for those who love history. This impressive building is located in the heart of Singapore and features colonial-style suites. To cross the threshold of this magnificent hotel over the centuries have been Kings, Queens and Great Explorers and considered an infinite well of nostalgia and knowledge perfect for lovers of medieval tradition.

Swissotel – Tallinn (3)

Suppose you are a lover of the cold and austere atmospheres of northern Europe and you like to immerse yourself in nature. In that case, you must visit Tallinn, the beautiful and intriguing capital of Estonia, overlooking the Baltic Sea.

Rest assured, we are not asking you to give up your dreams of wealth as Swissotel is also famous for being one of the world’s most luxurious hotels.

Breathtaking suites and a wellness area equipped with a beautiful and elegant indoor pool will be waiting for you for your daily well-being ration.

JW Marriott Hotel – China (2)

The JW Marriott Hotel is located in Chongqing in China and is the perfect location for the businessman always in a suit and tie who doesn’t think for a moment that he has to give up his well-being.

Design suites, a gym and wellness area, excellent local and international cuisine, and the best technology in this luxury giant.

If you hate the idea to go unnoticed, do not bother to accompany you to your meeting will take care of the service shuttle in the limousine.

The Boulders Resort & Spa – Arizona (1)

Here is the most luxurious and particular hotel in the world, The Boulders Resort & Spa, located in Arizona. Located in the picturesque Sonoran Desert, this incredible luxury hotel was built entirely within the rock and featured a natural spa and a golf course for the sportier.