Each country has its customs, which largely define the nutritional standards employed by hotels around the world. This and the classification of the hotel will define the hours and types of food that are served in it.


The buffet service in the hotels consists of a meal of varied dishes, where each guest can serve themselves freely without any type of restriction if the food (be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner) is included in their reservation.

Continental breakfast

The continental breakfast generally consists of tea or coffee, accompanied by bread, biscuits or croissant, butter, cheese, and juice. This type of breakfast is found more frequently in Mediterranean countries and in the United States.

English breakfast

This type of breakfast is normally served in the British Isles and consists of juice and/or cereal, biscuits, butter, jam, coffee, eggs, bacon, and/or fish. This breakfast, unlike the continental one, is not a diet breakfast.

Special foods

Lunch and dinner usually meal à la carte, that is, based on the request made by each guest according to the availability of the day. A good menu should include dishes of various types, meat, fish, vegetarian dishes, soups, and desserts. Food menu options depend entirely on the hotel.

Guests following special diets must inform the hotel at the time of booking, to verify if it is possible to offer a menu that takes these needs into account.