If you are traveling for business, choosing the hotel where you will stay is very important since your work’s performance and the optimization of time will depend on it to a large extent. Based on this, do you know what to look for when looking for business hotels?

Features of A Great Business Hotel

If you choose a hotel on a business plan, you must consider different aspects than those you would look for if you travel for pleasure. Therefore, and for your trip to be a success, the hotel in which you stay must have the following features:

1. Connectivity

Before booking, you must check the hotel’s location, how far it is from the airport (if it is within it, so much the better) and if it is close to the main places you should visit during your stay.

Along the same lines, it is convenient to analyze the transport options and routes, and the surrounding amenities, since it is always advisable to be in an area with all the services you may require, such as banks, shopping centers, etc.

2. Efficient communication services

When you travel for business, you should always try to be in contact with your office. For this reason, the hotel where you stay must offer a good Internet connection -fast and without intermittence- as well as a fixed telephone line in your room. It could be necessary to have problems with your mobile both to make calls local and international.

Similarly, a good hotel should have a business center equipped with the necessary implements to carry out remote work and meeting rooms in case you need to organize meetings with clients or suppliers.

3. Rooms equipped for work

Business hotels must offer their guests the possibility of working from their rooms’ comfort and without interruptions, with adequate furniture and good lighting.

4. Comfortable spaces

The rooms should not only have an environment conducive to work, but also for moments of relaxation. A good rest is essential for better work performance, so you should make sure you stay in a quiet room with furniture suitable for effective rest. If it has amenities such as a pool or whirlpool tubs, much better.

5. Recreation instances

In life, not everything is work: it is also important to have moments of distraction, either within the hotel itself or in its surroundings. For this reason, it is advisable that -when evaluating business hotels- you consider the proximity to cinemas, bars, restaurants, and the main tourist attractions.

How to choose a business hotel?

To live an excellent experience where your time and your business are your main objective. You should consider including several of these services within your hosting package:

1. Customer service:

Prioritize a business hotel that is available just when you need it and that the reservation/payment process is simple. It would be best if you had a place that offers you communication facilities such as social networks, online chats, or WhatsApp. This is an incomparable plus.

Learn about other user’s experiences regarding the good care, service, gastronomy, and good image of the business hotel; this way, you will have good reasons to choose the best option.

2. Check-in and checkout facilities:

Finding a business hotel with flexible hours is essential since sometimes there will be delays with your flights and you will have to arrive immediately at your meetings. A business hotel that offers you this option is valuing you and knows how important it is to take care of time.

3. Car rental:

Renting a car is now easier than ever. If you arrive at a destination that you already know thanks to your constant visits, this will be a very successful option.

Some business hotels will help you manage your car with some of their “rent a car” allies to take this service. Currently, you will only need to deliver basic documents and the information of a credit card and that’s it.

4. Location:

Choose a business hotel close to the destination. The location plays an essential role if you want to avoid traffic and even walk. “Being prepared is worth two,” briefly investigate the places you will visit and what is around them, such as access roads, public transport and places of interest such as restaurants, bars, banks, this way you will save a lot of time and use it for other plans with your colleagues.

5. Basic services:

If you are traveling for business, you are probably not looking for luxury, but you need essential services such as free Wi-Fi, breakfast included, impeccable sheets.

6. Security and Surveillance:

An essential element, you have to feel safe. For this, the business hotel must have the personnel and technological aids to guarantee personal safety and your most valuable elements.

However, you should also make sure to take care of your most important and valuable assets. If applicable, inform the hotel about them so that it is mutual trust and can take care of each other.

Business hotels must have all the above features and more, because only then will you make the most of your stay and meet the work objectives of the trip.