Although we are surely not proud of it, who has not ever been unable to get hot water out of the shower? There are hotel rooms so sophisticated that, sometimes, more than offering comforts, they seem designed to test us. However, there are tricks that will make your stay more comfortable.

A hanger to close the curtains

Nobody seems to know why, but the truth is that, in many hotels, the curtains never close, which prevents sleeping completely in the dark or, in the worst case, waking up with clarity earlier than we had programmed.

However, with a simple hanger with clips that you will find hanging in the closet, you can ensure that the curtains are completely closed.

Any card turns on the light

Most hotels require you to insert your room card into a slot to get electricity. This means, designed to save energy and avoid waste, can be annoying if, for example, we are charging the mobile and we need to leave the room, or if we want to find it at a specific temperature on our return.

What you may not know is that whatever loyalty card you have in your wallet works as a replacement for your room key and will fit perfectly in this slot.

Charge the phone on the TV

The phone charger is one of the items that we forget the most on trips but, if you have at least brought your cable, you can maintain the battery level by plugging it directly into the USB input that televisions integrate.

This same trick works if the room does not have many outlets and you have several elements to connect to the network at the same time.

Use the shower cap

It is an omnipresent element in the bathroom kit and, the truth, few people use shower caps. However, there are some utilities for this object that a priori goes unnoticed.

One of them is to use it as a bag to put the shoes in the suitcase and thus avoid contact with the clothes.

Other users recommend wrapping the television remote control, sometimes one of the dirtiest items in a hotel room, with the cap.

Ask Amazon what you need

Some hotels such as the Spanish chain Iberostar have partnered with Amazon to allow us to comfortably receive in our room any object that we have forgotten and, even if we are far-sighted, ask that they bring us what we are going to use during the holidays and thus lighten our luggage.

In addition, and although the hotel in question does not have this type of agreement, Amazon Prime can take us to the hotel almost any object in the same terms that it serves us at our usual address.

Forget about the iron

Ok, this you may already do even at home. If when you take a piece of clothing out of the suitcase you find it wrinkled, before asking if the hotel has a board and iron (surely the answer is yes), hang it on a hanger outside the shower to smooth it out with the steam.

Take Nexflix

We do not know if the room will have a SmartTV, so it does not cost too much to carry a Chromecast device or an HDMI cable in the suitcase to ensure that we can watch our series and movies whenever we want. If you’ve forgotten, you know, you can order it on Amazon.

Enter the hotel website

Although you can find great offers on reservation platforms such as, it is interesting to enter the hotel’s own website since many times they try to ensure direct sales without intermediaries through discounts or upgrades that do not appear in other portals, especially in the low season.